Our dogs at Your Choice Kennel


We breed Hungarian Vizsla and kaninchen and miniature dachshund since 2011!

Australian Shepherds we started with 2015.


As we strive for the perfect dog in our eyes we are looking for happy, positive and forward-dogs.

We breed also for fit and healthy dogs. The latter is very important in the breeding!


Our dogs are purchased from abroad, mainly from Europe then it may be difficult to find new and unique blood from Sweden where we live.

The countries we have imported from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, of course!


All dogs are carefully checked by a veterinarian before admission when we cherish Swedish nature and do not want to bring in more illnesses than that are already here!


Our dogs have great success in dressage hunting and utställnng. We have a variety of titles such as World Winner, Junior World Winner, Nordic, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish Winner!

We also have a few champions bred from our own kennel which we are very proud of!


More, we hope that it will be ......



Our own and purchased dogs have had great success around Sweden and Europe!

Here are some of our success at dogshows!


2009 Nordic Winner, Nordic Junior Winner, Swedish Winner

2010 WORLD JUNIOR WINNER BOB/BOS, Swedish Winner BOB/BOS Danish Winner BOB/BOS Nordic Junior Winner

2011 WORLD WINNER, Swedish Winner, Nordic Winner BOB/BOS

2012 Swedish Winner BOB/BOS Swedish Junior Winner BOB/BOS

2013 Danish Winner

2014 WORLD JUNIOR WINNER, Nordic Winner, Nordic Junior Winner, Swedish Winner

2015 Swedish Winner, Swedish Junior Winner, Nordic Winner, Nordic Junior Winner

2016 Swedish Winner, Norwegian Winner, Danish Winner


Some of our dogs have also managed performance huntingtest!


2010 May Königs Trophy best youngster Vizsla at Fieldtrial

2013 Best trackingdog of 33 starters

2016 Best HUNTING dog at the day of 36 starts



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